Monday, 25 April 2016

Samsung Working On Two Tempting Designs For Galaxy Note 6

 The online excitement around this year’s release of Samsung’s phablet device – the presumptively titled  Galaxy Note 6 – continues to build. Reports now suggest that Samsung is working on two form factors for the redesigned phablet which is expected to be announced in late August.

Dutch site GSMHelpDesk writes that the South Korean company is currently testing two variants of the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 phablet, with the key difference being the construction of the screen. Just as the current Galaxy S7 family sports the flat-screened Galaxy S7 and the curved screen S7 Edge, so the Note 6 devices under testing are the flat-screened and curved edge variant.

The question is whether Samsung will focus on a single design for the Note 6, or push both devices out to the public”]The question is whether Samsung will focus on a single design for the Note 6, or push both devices out to the public.

GSMHelpDesk’s Tim Aalst believes that Samsung will choose just one form factor to put on sale, but I’m not so sure. Samsung has a habit of covering every option and price point. The flat screened Note 6 would be the ‘regular’ device at a lower price point while an edged Note 6 could come in at a higher price with more targeted marketing.

This would echo previous Note launches as Samsung experimented with the Edge concept. The launch of the Galaxy Note 4 in 2014 was accompanied by the first curved edge screen from Samsung in the Galaxy Note Edge. In the end the latter was only available in limited numbers and the curved screen would make its popular mainstream debut with the S6 Edge some six months later.

2015′s Galaxy Note 5 was only available in a flat-screened version, although European fans never saw the Note 5 at all, instead the Galaxy S6 Edge+ was offered as a half-way house. This combination of phablet size and curved screen saw critical acclaim, but as with much of the S6 family did not see strong success in the retail environment.

Early indications suggest that the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have turned around the retail performance and maintained the critical acclaim. Just as last year the Edge version of the handset is proving to be the more popular device. If Samsung was to bias to a single Note 6 the evidence suggests that the more popular edged form factor (which is, happily, the more expensive device) would be the handset to choose.

A single device is not how Samsung works. It’s in this game for the volume and turnover. Two Galaxy Note 6 phablets looks to be just what DJ Koh, the head of Samsung Mobile, needs to reverse the decline of the South Korean manufacturer’s mobile revenue and profits.


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