Monday, 4 April 2016

Mike Baird takes his social media adviser on a trip to Israel

MIKE Baird’s social media adviser has joined the NSW Premier’s week-long trip to the Holy Land, with the Facebook guru already posting a pensive pic of his boss gazing across Jerusalem.

Premier Mike Baird's social media adviser Tony Story / Picture: Facebook

The news comes as social media adviser Tony Story continues to play an increasingly central role in the NSW Premier’s brand a+nd as Mr Baird’s office confirmed that Mr Story’s trip was being funded by the Liberal Party.

The social media adviser — who was paid $30,000 in the lead-up to the state election as a consultant before being employed full-time — has posted the pictures of the Premier in the ancient city on Facebook and Instagram.

The posts also features a caption from Mr Baird saying: “We are in Israel to develop partnerships on medical cannabis research, tech start-ups and tools to better fight cybercrime.”

“I’ll also be visiting the West Bank and meeting with Palestinian officials and seeing how Australian aid funding is being put to use to help refugees.

“I’m told this is the first time a NSW Premier has visited Israel and the West Bank. It’s a privilege to be here.”


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